Flye Fit Macken st








AV Control Systems have just compleated the Flye Fit Macken street Gym this complex is massive open gym area renovated from a ware house in the Grand canal area of Dublin. This is a major step up for the Flye Fit Group from there first Gym in Renelagh over 2 floors to this spacious venue with wide open spaces with a strange cool feel to the whole GYM enviroment from the normal stereo typical Dublin GYM experience.

KIT LIST Sound System

Gym Floor

12 x 80 watt spkrs

1   x  Aamplifier


Changing Room

2  x ceiling mounted spkrs


Spin Room

1 x 300 watt powered Spkr

1 x 2 channell mini mixer

1 x Audio Technica Radio mic c/w headset mic


Yoga Room

1 x 300 watt powered Spkr