AV Control Systems are Proud to announce Opening of our first Installation with FLYEFIT GYM on Baggott street Dublin 2.Our Installation team have installed Back ground music system on 2 floors.

 The system consists of 3 seperate amplifiers with seperate control for clear volume seperation for the differant areas.

The Spin room was equiped with a 300 watt powered Speaker that comes with a built in USB and SD card music player with a built in Radio mic system.

The Yoga room is also equiped with a 200 watt version of the same unit.


Kit List

10 x 40 watt switchable 8 ohm speakers

1 x 60 watt amplifier

1 x 120 watt amplifier

1 x 20 watt amplifier

1 x 300 watt portable PA system

1 x 200 watt portable PA system