Imagine your own home cinema system

Home Cinema Systems

Imagine watching films, sport or playing games on your own high-quality home cinema. Our unique installations are designed to your requirements & budget & we will liaise with your architect or interior designer to create the perfect home cinema. With no wires or cables visible you are left to enjoy the cinema experience from the best seat in the house. We can help you make the most of your space – whether it is a dedicated space or multi-purpose room - with concealed speakers and hidden equipment.

By incorporating lighting control into the cinema the mood and use of the room can be changed quickly and easily. Lighting can be controlled from the remote so you don't have to think about it. Pressing play when watching a DVD will lower the light levels for comfortable viewing, pressing pause will bring them up again. Selecting Sky can set a different light level. We can remove all the confusing remotes and allow full control via your smart phone if required.

An entertainment room in your house

A family room or playroom can make a great cinema room for Saturday nights or wet Sunday afternoons. The screen, speakers and projector can be concealed safely out the way when not in use. In a dedicated room you can let your imagination run wild. After all, cinemas are all about entertainment. We can even install reclining seats, popcorn machines, jukeboxes and automated bars. Recent technologies such as Apple TV, media streamers, Internet TV and Media Servers are all very impressive but also can be daunting. So we look at all your requirements and develop a solution that is easy to manage and maintain. Whether you choose to buy a basic system in a box or want a full installation with a projector system and built in speakers, the idea is the same - to enjoy a film, video game or even television programs in a more exciting manner, so make sure you find a system that suits your home and meets your budget.