Saorview Tv


SAORVIEW is Ireland’s first free digital television service. It brings you all your favourite Irish channels, crystal clear pictures, better quality sound, on-screen programme menus and digital teletext – all for free.

SAORVIEW is a digital terrestrial television (DTT) service which means the signal is broadcast from transmission masts across the country and is received through a standard TV aerial paired with either a set-top-box or a new integrated digital television (iDTV).

Set up Guides

  • Check to see if you are covered. To check if you are covered please go to the online checker
  • Check your aerial.
  • Connect your SAORVIEW approved set-top-box to your aerial and television or connect your aerial to your new integrated digital television (iDTV).

Minimum Set-Up Costs

For most households currently receiving analogue television through a rooftop aerial the costs of switching will simply be the cost of a set-top-box or a new iDTV.

Assuming your aerial is fine and you simply want to upgrade your existing television, your total cost will be for a standard SAORVIEW approved set-top-box that you install yourself.

A basic SAORVIEW approved set-top-box (that you install yourself) is currently retailing for approximately €100. This figure is likely to drop as more approved set-top-boxes enter the market and as volume increases. SAORVIEW approved iDTVs vary in both size and the cost. To find up to date prices for set-top- boxes and iDTVs you should speak with us. Other Options For other options the price will vary depending on the choices you make and television set up you have in your home. Things to consider include the following:

Do you want to upgrade your existing TV to receive SAORVIEW by adding a set-top-box – this is the cheapest option?

Do you want to change to an iDTV?

Do you want SAORVIEW in more than one room?

Do you want to be able to access the HD services available on SAORVIEW?

Do you want to add SAORVIEW to an existing free-to-air or Pay TV service to give you a broader range of channels and services?

Do you want to be able to record programmes on a digital video recorder (DVR)?

Depending on what you need the price will vary.