Satellite Tv

What is free to air(FTA)TV?

Free to Air TV describes channels which are broadcast unencrypted making it possible to view these channels without paying a monthly subscription. Receiving these channels is 100% legal.

There are two ways to pick up Free to Air channels:Through a terrestrial aerial – where you can currently receive four irish channels: RTE 1, RTE 2, TV3, TG4 •  Through a satellite dish – here you can receive over 100 channels including BBC’s, ITV’s, Channel 4, Film 4 and many more.

Irish Stations (available from terrestial only):








Apart from terrestrial/satellite antenna to receive FTA channel s you will need: •  Terrestrial TV – this can be received by build in TV tuner so no extra equipment is needed. • Satellite TV – to receive satellite signal you will need satellite set-top box. There is variety types of satellite boxes available on the market. We can separate them to 3 main groups:
HD/SD- High Definition/Standard Definition HD boxes are equipped with HDMI interface are able to receive HD channels (like BBC HD, ITV HD)as well as SD channels. SD boxes can only receive SD channels but still in great digital quality.

PVR (Personal Video Recorder) Also known as the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Rather than recording onto VHS video cassettes, a PVR records TV programmes onto a hard disk that’s built into a set-top box – some boxes ( called PVR ready)are coming equipped with USB port only which allows you to connect external mass storage (like HDD, USB memory stick) to ‘Enable’ full PVR functionality.

Single/Twin tuner Only Twin tuner box allows you to record one digital channel whilst watching another digital channel, with single tuner box you can only record what you are currently watching.