Sunfire Cimema Sound


For many of you, the name Sunfire is synonymous with subwoofers – and for good reason. Bob Carver’s innovative designs in the early 1990’s are what created the small box, high power subwoofer category that you know and love. These concepts have become commonplace nowadays, but 10+ years ago it was a much different story.

The HRS System is a Home Theater lover’s reason to celebrate. In addition to possessing many of Sunfire’s patented and celebrated technologies, the High Resolution Series is a perfectly matched system – easy to install, even easier to enjoy. The result is stunningly accurate, low distortion sound at whatever volume suits your mood.


Imagine a line of Home Theater products that not only exceeds your expectations – but anticipates them, too. Each component designed from the ground up to make everything you’ve heard before seem virtually obsolete. Welcome to the XT Series from Sunfire. This limited production, luxury performance line is designed for multiple applications but united for just one purpose: to combine compelling designs with equally compelling performance. Utilizing breakthrough technology and a sophisticated balance of stunning design, exquisite sound and the most advanced materials, each will give you entrée to a realm of Home Theater products reserved for just the very few.

The Cinema Ribbon Trios are built with the same acclaimed technology and craftsmanship of the Cinema Ribbon Duos, but feature dramatic performance upgrades that take them into a class all their own. The result? A 440-Watt, On-Wall tour-de-force that has absolutely no equal.

The Sunfire line represents nothing less than an audio renaissance. What has long been recognized as a stand out brand – now stands alone – with a range of products that are better in performance, luxury and style than anything that’s come before them. In fact, with every new chapter of Sunfire, we take the word ‘benchmark’ and give it a whole new set of rules. What does that mean for you? We think it means the finest home entertainment product you can buy anywhere. Period.