Timbermills Complex




have been apointed to service the existing Satelitte Tv system for the whole of the complex,we have   been servicing the system for the last 6 months to a high standard.

Call out system in place for tenants.

E mail  for service



Phone Numbers   TomKenny  086 1275761

Colm Lynders 087 3159298

October 25th 2012 is the Analogue switch over to digital,this means that tennants who dont have sky and just have a tv with

RTE 1,Network 2,Tv3,Tg4 on it at the moment will need to change over  and use one of the following options.


OPTION 1  Saorview Digital decoder.

This is a  decoder that decodes the digital signal and sends the digital signal out via a scart lead or HDMI cable to your TV.


OPTION 2 Saorview Digital TV.

In the last year the majority of new Lcd or Plasma TVs have a built in Saorview Decoders so if you have bought a new tv in the last year please check the spec on line or do a search on the DTV band with the aerial lead plugged in and see if you have channells.

OUR ON LINE SHOP will be found at














All Tennants can prevail of a discounted Price from Retail of -5% on Saorview Boxes.

There is a 7 Euro delivery charge by DHL .

Pricing on Boxes can be given over the phone for now but our ON LINE shop is being built at the moment and will be online by the 14th October 2012.

Channell listings From Saorview.






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